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3 Incredibly Successful Persons In 2016 You Need To Know And Learn From

Success is a thing that every determined person is after. Little capsules of success are necessary for you to be an ultimate successful person. Every year we listen some motivated stories of people who work beyond the struggle and make themselves so worthy that people finally start memorizing their name. Those personalities are successful because they know the meaning of it. What inspires me in 2016 are these 3 people and I want to share these people with you too.

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Jewel Burks - Founder of PartPic

PartPic is a great software and a mobile application that can help you find the proper and exact part of any machinery that you need. The founder of ParPic is Jewel Burks who is only a 26 years old successful person. When the idea hit, she and her friend Jason Crain make that idea happen within a small amount of time. The idea is superb and Jewel Burks deserved the success.

Vlad Tenev - Robinhood App Finder

Commission free stock trading was never possible before the smartphone application "Robinhood" which was made by Vlad Tenev, a 28 years old man. People spend minimum of 10 bucks on every trade and this get commission-less after Vlad developed this stunning app. The interesting fact about Vlad is that he is a physics grad who became a financial disruptor. Success is for those who are visionary.

Amani S. Ahmed - A Popular Wealth Trainer

Success is by proper motivation and goals. When you set a goal and make a mind to become wealthy, then only motivation and determination are the dominating factors. Amani S. Ahmed is a trainer who provide that kind of motivation by making a wealthy mindset and a proper strategy for your success. That strategy always works because this is the talent and experience of Amani. I Am Worthy inc is her platform where she guides and helps people who really want to be successful.

If you are living in Washington DC, then it will be best for you to attend her upcoming event of 2 days in January 2017. She will guide you how to believe in you and stop blaming everything. (I wish I could attend that. Alas!). Go for Money Mastry Series and be wealthier than ever.

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