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10 Haircuts That Were Much Cooler When We Were Kids

Taste in hairstyle undoubtedly changes as people get older. Some folks settle into a single look upon adulthood, while others revamp their looks every few years, like a traveling Madonna impersonator. But one thing is universally true: we all liked some freaky hair styles as kids. If your kid gets one of these haircuts, brighten their day by making their favorite meal using Ragú®.

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4. The Jonathan Taylor Thomas (The JTT)

Ron Galella, Ltd. / Getty Images

The JTT: A swooping-bangs hairstyle that can only be worn by Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Justin Bieber will probably try to pull off the JTT in the next few years, but will he have the courage and patience to make it stick?

5. Hair Beads

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Hair Beads: Has anyone ever looked happier than the girls in the hair beads infomercials? They look like someone just told them that school is cancelled forever and Selena Gomez wants to be their new best friend. Just don't let their happiness trick you into wearing hair beads to a job interview. You'll turn around too fast and accidentally blind your potential employer with a whip of the hair. Awkward.

6. Ramen Noodle Hair

Rj Capak / WireImage / Getty Images

Ramen Noodle Hair: Justin Timberlake set a dangerous precedent for curly-haired boys everywhere with this look. On a related note, why is it so much less creepy when Justin Timberlake carries around a puppet of himself everywhere?

7. Pigtails

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Pigtails: Damn you, Britney, for making us all think we could pull pigtails off.

8. Mall Bangs

Time & Life Pictures / The LIFE Picture Collection / Getty Images

Mall Bangs: A golden age of teen movies in the late '80s and early '90s brought true glory to mall bangs. Even today, your mind may say no to mall bangs, but your heart says yes.

9. The Mullet

Charles Williams / CC BY http://2.0 / Flickr: charlesonflickr

The Mullet: When we were growing up, there were mullets everywhere, and adults simply didn't do a very good job of warning us about them. In the early years of Full House, Uncle Jesse tricked millions of kids into thinking that women will love you if you grow a mullet, play the guitar, and develop an Elvis fetish. Dangerous stuff.

10. The Gel Flip

David Dennis / CC BY-SA http://2.0 / Flickr: davidden

The Gel Flip: New proposal: Males shouldn't be allowed to buy hair gel until they turn 18. Hair gel is far too potent of a product for 12-year-old boys to handle, and the end result is usually a crusty, over-gelled hair flip. Before you know it, they're hooked on hair gel, and it becomes all they know. It's time for us to break the cycle.