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The University Of Vermont Students Began An Instagram Called UVM Man Buns


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3. 2 hair wins in this insta

4. I wish my hair looked like that at the gym (I also wish I could do a handstand)

5. Man buns here, man buns there, man buns everywhere!

6. Rocking the double man bun yo!

9. Simple and perfect man bun

10. Man bun eating and texting! What a multi-tasker!

11. Even the dolls have man buns, because Vermont

12. The most artsy of all man buns

13. Double man bun for the win

15. Candid shot, super candid shot

16. Half up half down man bun

17. Loving the due dear sir

18. The bandana definitely adds to the man bun bro

21. The Snapchats on Instagram of man buns
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