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The Definitive Ranking Of Lindsay Lohan Movies

It's not my fault you're in love with me!

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8. Herbie Fully Loaded

The magic car that came to the Peyton family in an incredibly convenient time. Maggie proves to her dad that girls can do anything boys can do, like save cars from demolition derby's and race said Beatle in NASCAR races! #strongindependentwoman#herbie

6. Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

This melodramatic film captures every teenagers dream of meeting their Stu, a drunken rockstar with a heart of gold. Because reality is better than fantasy when Stu shows up at the mean girls house and gives you your favorite bottle cap necklace you left at his party. Swoon.

5. Get a Clue

You know that movie that has London Tipton as a kid? The one where they solve the crime and get their two teachers together while looking fly in their spy clothes. It has that super catchy song at the end, that you seem to hum for the next five days, "Wake-up Who knew? It's me, It's you......Get a clue!!!!!!!!!!"

4. Mean Girls

Because Cady shows her true colors by defeating the princess Regina George and restores order in a very realistic no clique high school! Later film built on the exact same concept: High School Musical, High School Musical 2, High School Musical 3

3. Lifesize

The one with Tyra banks that confirms the Toy Story fantasy that our toys can in fact come to life. Remember Eve's theme song? Oh right, how could you forget? "Shine bright, shine bright,don't be shy, be a star,where you live, where you are,shout it out, be a star,shine bright, shine far, be a star!"

2. Freaky Friday

Anna literally turned into her mom. And her mom kisses Jake?! Was anyone else disturbed by this? The most important part of this movie was Chad Michael Murray with long hair and the Chinese ladies. Who could forget the Chinese ladies?

1. The Parent Trap

When they both have half of the picture of their parents.... Tingles. Tingles all over. Thank you for gracing the world with the gift of Oreo's and peanut butter Hallie James and Annie Parker. Thank you for providing hope that the Meredith's of the world can be defeated and our parents will get back together. Boat fades in the distance as our eyes tear up because everything is perfect.

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