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How To Write About Transgender People

The media doesn't have to get our stories so very wrong.

Rafe Posey • 5 years ago

It Was Surprisingly Easy(ish) To Come Out As Trans At The DMV

Rafe Posey reflects on his transgender paper trail and "The Ladies" who helped him along the way.

Rafe Posey • 5 years ago

21 Times Actors Who Aren't Actually Transgender Have Played Trans Characters

Despite Laverne Cox's success on Orange Is The New Black, Hollywood still has a lot of work to do regarding trans visibility.

Rafe Posey • 5 years ago

A Trans Man’s First Year As A NYC Public School Teacher

A high school teacher's first year is almost always a study in the quirks of the American teenager. What happens when you're waiting for your own first facial hair?

Rafe Posey • 6 years ago