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    Knowing How To Choose Moving Boxes

    Not too long ago I wrote a short piece about the difference between packing for a move and knowing how to pack for a move. Because, when you get down to it, there really is a difference.

    For instance, I pointed out that like items need to be packed with like items, that proper protection should be used when packing your belongings, that the boxes should be completely filled, and that the weight of each box should stay under 30 pounds.

    My point was, that you aren’t going to just throw your stuff into boxes when you find out that you are moving. I’m going to take that one step further and say that you shouldn’t even be properly packing your stuff into any type of box. Allow me to explain:


    I get it. When it’s time to move every last one of us are going to be on the lookout for cheap moving boxes, and sometimes the stash behind the grocery store really is the cheapest. These grocery store boxes come seriously compromised, though. They are made for quick and easy packaging and transport and then to be thrown out or recycled. Needless to say, these are way below the guidelines of any cheap moving boxes.


    Not to mention, any boxes that used to carry food, or that you find in a dumpster, are compromised in a much more serious way. These boxes usually have little critters all over them that were brought in directly from the field, or that hang out in trash bins for good reason. You might not be able to see them, but I promise you that they’re there. The last thing you want to deal with when you’ve just moved is an outbreak of parasites. On top of that, any smells or stains will probably permeate whatever you pack inside of them.


    You can still find cheap moving boxes, though, and even free ones. Scour Craigslist. Look up eco sites that are specifically designed to match potential movers with recycled moving boxes. Even online retailers sell packs of moving boxes at wholesale prices. Shipping boxes and moving boxes are created to be strong and durable. They are designed to carry heavy loads for extended periods of time and to be stacked on top of each other. They are the most efficient option to use, and they come with a blank slate. Even better, there are specialty moving boxes designed for your clothes, lamps, paintings, TVs, kitchenware…and the list goes on. These are invaluable for making the moving process that much easier. And who doesn’t want that?

    So don’t just settle for cheap moving boxes, settle for moving boxes that are actually moving boxes and just so happen to not cost a ton of money.

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