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    5 Uses For Soy Sauce You Probably Never Considered

    This is going to seem a little crazy, but you'll thank us later.

    You probably use soy sauce in a lot of Asian dishes, but did you know that it can be used in a variety of different (and delicious) ways? Here's just a few of them...

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    1. Try it in a meat sauce for pasta.

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    It seems strange, right? Soy sauce actually goes great in meat sauce for spaghetti and pasta. You don't need much, usually just a tablespoon or so for the whole pot of sauce, and you want to make sure to add it before (or instead of) salt! Here's one recipe to try out this technique with.

    2. Or in that recipe for shredded beef you're making for a big family BBQ.

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    If it works in meat sauce, it'll definitely go great in a shredded beef recipe, like in this recipe from Epicurious.

    3. Try it in a mushroom risotto.

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    Soy sauce accentuates the umami (known as the fifth basic taste) of mushrooms, especially when combined with miso (fermented soybean paste), as in the recipe above from Tasty Japan.

    4. Use it to season chicken.

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    Sure, soy sauce goes great on that chicken lo mein takeout. But it's also great for a subtle touch, especially if you're grilling your chicken. If you like that, you should also try mixing soy sauce with Worcestershire sauce and garlic, like in this recipe.

    5. And it definitely pairs well with butter, especially on those Asian-inspired dishes you know and love, like beef and broccoli.


    Butter and soy sauce is a wonderful, though little-used, combination. In recipes like beef and broccoli, try using butter instead of cooking oil. You'll never want to make it any other way again. Here's a recipe that even counts for anyone trying to eat primal.

    BONUS: Try it on flan!

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    THIS IS JUST A JOKE! Please don't try it on flan.