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    15 Things You'll Hear From Someone Who's Always Thinking About Food

    "Will you bring a little something back for me?"

    1. "What's for lunch/dinner?"

    2. "Will there be food there?"

    3. "Okay, but this is just hors d'oeuvres, right? There's more food coming, yeah?"

    4. "Let's grab a bite to eat first."

    5. "Is that too much food for one person, or am I okay?"

    6. "Does that come with fries?"

    7. "No. I DON'T think I've had enough."

    8. "Are you all done with that?"

    9. "Yeah, sure, I'll have a bite".

    10. "Oh, if you're going anyway, will you bring a little something back for me?"

    11. "Is that really enough pizza for everyone?"

    12. "Let's go grab some dinner first."

    13. "Yeah, of COURSE I have room for dessert".

    14. "Wait, I wanna get popcorn."

    15. "I know we just ate, but I'm feeling a little peckish."