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15 Photos Of Extremely Sleepy And Snuggly Dogs That You Need To See Today

To be fair, it must be p. tiring to be a good boy all day!!

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1. First, look at this pooch getting all cozy:

2. Now, get a load of this rump:

3. This lil guy is T-U-C-K-E-R-E-D out:

4. And this sweetie-pie will just nap right here, thanks:

5. This dog is like "hmm yes you interrupted my beauty sleep why???"

6. Meanwhile, this big guy is resolved to sleep through anything and everything:

7. This is one pooped pooch:

8. And this lil fella is allllll tucked in and ready to go:

9. Meanwhile, this furball just wants to cuddle already:

10. And this pupper has certainly found an interesting place to rest their bum:

11. This hound is h*ckin tired, man:

12. And this guy is like, "This bed is mine now."

Sorry, cats.
Twitter: @indieotagxrl

Sorry, cats.

13. This 'doodle has had a STRESSFUL week, okay??

14. And this dog is juuuuust now getting comfortable:

15. And finally, this buddy here is very clearly ready to go home:

Honestly, same.
Twitter: @flavia_silve

Honestly, same.

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This post was translated from Portuguese.

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