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    21 Reasons Life Was Trickier Before Smartphones

    They were simpler times. (And, at the same time, much more complicated!)

    1. Back then, there were thousands of games available as well, but just like today, we only ever played one or two.

    2. Not paying attention in class meant this:

    3. Or this:

    4. The stakes were higher than they are in Angry Birds:

    5. We didn't have Snapchat, but we did have white T-shirts and Sharpies:

    6. Instead of subtweets we had burn books:

    7. This was the Contacts app:

    8. But if you were really cool, maybe you had one of these to keep track of your phone numbers:

    9. This was as instant as messages got:

    10. And this is what your mentions looked like:

    11. Your Spotify collection looked like this:

    12. And this was the desktop app:

    13. When you shared a song, you did it with this:

    14. This is how you posted to Instagram:

    15. Facebook Albums looked like this:

    16. It was just as hard to choose a movie on the thing we had instead of Netflix:

    17. Wikipedia wasn't free, it was heavy, and took up a lot of space:

    And it didn't always have what you were looking for.

    18. Our version of Waze wouldn't automatically recalculate when you took a wrong turn:

    19. Here's what we had instead of Lyft:

    20. And the closest we got to an Apple Watch was this:

    21. When we wanted to check the weather, we opened something other than an app:

    This post was translated from Portuguese.