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12 Moments Everyone Who Needs To Be Constantly Distracted Will Understand

*constantly has 30 tabs open at any one time*

1. Clicking off videos when you notice that they're longer than 90 seconds.

2. Going back to elaborate daydreams in your head whenever you're bored.

3. Having time to yourself is great...for like five minutes.

4. When you can't remember the last time you watched a TV show without also being on your phone.

me: *can't tell you the plot to movie i just watched b/c i was taking selfies the entire time* me: multitasking™

Which makes watching anything with subtitles particularly difficult.

5. Really long train journeys feel like torture.

6. Not to mention long-haul flights.

7. That moment of panic when you're in a meeting that is dragging, but then you get called on for your opinion.

8. Being late in the mornings because you get lost in your notifications as soon as you woke up.

*wakes up from 2 year coma surrounded by friends & family Where's my phone?

You've tried getting up earlier, but all it does is give you even more time to catch up on literally everything.

9. Loading a video, pausing it to read the internet...and getting back to it literally hours later.

10. Having to reread a long text at least five times before you fully understand what it says.

11. Being able to make a game out of pretty much anything that's around you.

12. Knowing no greater test of concentration than when someone shows you a really long video.

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