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17 Times Mae Whitman And Miles Heizer Were The Definition Of Friendship Goals

Mae + Miles 5ever.

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1. The time they grabbed some chalk and were the epitome of childlike wonder.

2. That time Mae lovingly squirted eye drops for Miles because that's what friends are for.

3. When they were posed in front of artwork, but they also looked like beautiful works of art.

4. When they double-teamed a karaoke song and you just know they smashed it.

5. When you wanted to be a pillow on that couch so you could be part of "da crew."

6. When they took this quiet stroll to the tune of T-Swift, and you wished you could squeeze right in there.

7. That time they made this Vine and it was like a reincarnation of Napoleon Dynamite.

8. That time their pinky promise was so beautiful it made you question every pinky promise you've made was good enough.

9. That time Miles rolled in with room service because everyone knows food = love.

10. When they hung out and just appreciated the little things in life, like these sunflowers.

11. When Mae prentended she was on Naked and Afraid and Miles played along effortlessly.

About how i was pretending to be naked and afraid in a garden today :/

12. This glorious moment Miles captured of Mae getting her half of their BFF tattoos.

13. The time Miles rocked this ~women's~ tee to support Mae's movie.

Wearing a women's tee in honor of duff day. Everyone needs to go see it!

14. When they took these photo booth pictures and they literally oozed friendship goals.

15. When Miles spontaneously decided to buy Mae a rose. 😍🌹

16. When Mae referenced their Parenthood days and how their characters paralleled their current friendship.

17. And the time they were so in sync with one another that they had to calm down.

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