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13 Times Avan Jogia Gave Us Serious Hair Envy

You can look, but don't touch.

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1. When it blew so beautifully in the wind.

2. When his hair couldn't be trumped even by this top hat.

3. When he hit us with this profile view of his curly strands.

4. When his man bun was the epitome of classy and rugged.

5. When his brother joined in because hair that luscious must be genetic.

6. When every hair was perfectly in place on this wintry day.

7. When he filled up his car and you hoped he'd be riding with the top down.

8. When he made us want to run our fingers through his tresses.

9. When he mastered the bed head appeal.

10. When his half up/half down 'do crowned him the Egyptian king of sass.

11. When he adorably accessorized with these bunny ears.

12. When his hair was still the star, even under a beanie.

13. When he was all, "What do you mean you don't rinse, repeat, and condition?!"

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