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The 10 Craziest Competitive Eating Moments

These ladies and gentlemen (and bear) are TRUE radical eaters. They will not allow themselves to be confined by quaint, outdated notions such as cutlery, location, or "quantity," when it comes to pursuing their passion. This list showcases the finest moments of the greatest, most inspirational eaters that the world has ever seen.

  • 1. Joey Chestnut Vs. Hot Dogs

    Joey Chestnut eats 68 hot dogs in Coney Island to beat Kobayashi himself. One of the greatest feats of hot-dog eating ever recorded. Stay fierce, Joey Chestnut. You are a hero to all of us who fight for unconventional eating.

  • 2. Cookie Jarvis Vs. Sweet Corn

    Cookie Jarvis holds the records for grapes, cannoli, ham and potatoes, sour pickles, and ice cream, among other stuff he's eaten the most of. He is also a true American. But what I like best about Cookie Jarvis (apart from the fact that he's named after the original Cookie Crisp mascot - before the burglar!) is that he's not afraid to eat outside the box. Check out his unconventional sweet corn eating technique. Brilliant!

  • 3. Joey Chestnut Vs. French Fries

    You can never have enough Joey Chestnut. Watch him obliterate the French-fry-eating competition at Bikini's in Austin. The music is so inspirational! It makes me want to order an extra large fries and rub them all over my body. Wait, did I say that out loud?

  • 4. The Black Widow Vs. Mince Pies

    Sonya Thomas, The Black Widow, is one of the world's greatest eaters. Among her many records, she has eaten more mince pies in less time than anyone else. Here she goes - 46 mince pies in 10 minutes, and she's dancing the whole time.

  • 5. Crazy Legs Conti Vs. Watermelons

    Crazy Legs' Conti claimed the competitive watermelon eating title in 2008. Crazy Legs is a true master of his art. He is like the Shakespeare of watermelon consumption.

  • 6. Patrick Bertoletti Vs. Jalapenos

    Patrick Bartoletti holds 23 competitive eating records. He is a master of chocolate, waffles, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. And even The Black Widow is no match for his ninja-style eating technique, when it comes to Jalapenos. Watch him eat 127 of the things! I bet that stings a bit.

  • 7. Crazy Legs Conti Vs. Birthday Cake

    Crazy Legs Conti is back for the birthday cake challenge. Now this is the way birthday cake should be eaten - with enthusiasm, creativity, and lust for life. The man is an inspiration to us all.

  • 8. Joey Chestnut Vs. A Gallon of Milk

    Joey Chestnut is nothing if not versatile. We've seen him devour hot dogs, French fries, and now an entire gallon of milk. In just 41 seconds!

  • 9. Patrick Bertoletti Vs. Pizzas

    This is a twofer. Watch a chef make 3 whole pizzas in 40 seconds, followed by Patrick Bertoletti taking on 17 slices of pizza in just five minutes!

  • 10. Kobayashi Vs. A GIANT BEAR

    No competitive eating list would be complete without a mention of the legend, Takeru Kobayashi. In 2006, Kobayashi went up against a GIANT BEAR in a hot-dog eating competition. He lost. But wow.