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Most Innovative Eating Techniques

Here are the pioneers, the visionaries, the men, women and children unafraid to say "No, I will not eat your well balanced meal at your fancy dinner table." Let them serve as an inspiration in the fight against eating tyranny.

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  • 1. Milking a Camel

    If God lets the animal give milk, then you should be able to drink it.

  • 2. the Cockroach Diet

    Here is a man who is not hampered by Western Puritanical carnivorous brainwashing. Open your tastebuds, open your hearts.

  • 3. Extreme Rice

    Eating is PRIMAL. It isn't about fancy linens and maître d's; they restrict us from expressing our NEEDS.

  • 4. the Cinnamon Challenge

    We call this pushing boundaries. Asking questions. Never believing in "no." Live by this kid's example.

  • 5. Eating Bricks/Sand/Gravel

    Eat what you love, NO MATTER WHAT.

  • 6. Recycling Urine

    Our bodies, our selves: take your water supply into your own hands. Say "no" to plastic bottles. Keep the circle of life going.

  • 7. Eating Molten Lead

    Overcoming fear is one of the first steps for a freer eating life. This man has no fear.

  • 8. Eating Lemons (and liking them)

    Look, an early recruit! This is a baby whose taste for sour fruits has not yet been repressed by society at large.

  • 9. the Jumbo Burger

    Screw the SuperSize Me guy. Reject portion-control. Eat to live and to love.