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12 Weird And Wonderful Things Indians Bought On Amazon This Week

Out with face masks, in with feet masks.

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

Amazon has a list of cool products called "Movers and Shakers", which is a collection of stuff that's now ~trending~.

This week, efficiency is high on the Indian priority list. We have a portable garbage bag to catch your feelings on-the-go, fruit-infuser water bottles, a roti and khakra maker that will save you time and heartache (doesn't everybody want round rotis?) and perhaps the most interesting of them all: hydration socks for your feet. You gotta admit it, this stuff is smart.

1. This kazoo whose glorious and mind-numbing sound will be something you never thought you would actually enjoy (₹230).

Most Promising Review: "I've been searching for this instrument for the past four years! I play the instrument and it's amazing for the given price. Also, DADI is a well known brand. If anybody wants to learn about music, this instrument helps you a lot! Just go for it." - Amazon Customer

Get it here.

2. This fruit-infuser water bottle that will become your new favourite drink and comes with an e-book of recipes (₹645).

Most Promising Review: "Quality of the product is awesome. Specially the plastic they used in this bottle: crystal clear, durable and scratch proof to some extent. I dropped it twice from 5 ft. but there is no sign of damage. The infuser is 15 cm in height, so there is sufficient space for fruits. 3-4 pieces of cucumber, banana, lemons fit easily. You can even use this product as a normal water bottle without the infuser. It has an easy drinking spout and it is leak proof." - Faiz Ansari

Get it here.

3. These portable USB LED lights that are suuuuper flexible (₹204).

Most Promising Review: "Great piece of LED light, which I use at various places like while working on my laptop at night, as a torch by connecting it to the power bank, or as an extra light other than my camera flash by attaching it to the OTG cable of my phone. Great, and amazing at the price at which I got it." - Kaushal Solanki

Get it here.

4. This Deluxe Handbook that will teach you the life and the ways of the Pokémon you run around your city catching (₹689).

Most Promising Review: "You definitely need to have this book if you are a Pokémon fan! So don't think about it, just buy it!" - ignatius fnu

Get it here.

5. This huge-ass jar of Dabur mango-flavoured Chyawanprash for those health nuts who miss mangoes this monsoon (₹147).

Most Promising Review: "This is a lovely product at such a lovely price. I eat this a lot. I consume this daily and I can feel the difference." - Arif

Get it here.

6. This 5-in-1 Philips hair styler that will crimp, curl and straighten your hair to perfection (₹2,429).

Most Promising Review: "The brand is Philips, so it HAS to be AMAZING! The curler is just so cool... it gives those pretty curls in like literally 10 minutes! Though the straightener is pretty good, it does take time to heat up. No temperature control although that does make it kinda user friendly.

I would recommend it." - niharika latwal

Get it here.

7. This portable garbage bag, so that you can litter wherever you want without your conscience telling you otherwise (₹210).

Most Promising Review: "Works great on any drawer or kitchen cabinet door. It was simpler than I thought. I had to order a second one since my sister took the first one I ordered! This seller's price is competitive and there is no problem with quality." - Afshin Ramodiya

Get it here.

8. This portable pocket LED torch and flashlight that can be folded up to a puck-sized disc (₹235).

Most Promising Review: "It's a nice product and very handy. It is really useful during any trip to remote areas." - Priyankar Bhunia

Get it here.

9. This Bajaj instant roti and khakra maker that is portable and comes with a demo CD (₹1785).

Most Promising Review: "Initially requested a return of the product since the quality of chapati was very bad. However the support person called back and detailed the procedure of usage over phone. Now it makes wonderful chapati. The support is also good and friendly." - santoshsurendra

Get it here.

10. This nail art stamping kit that comes with five large image plates (₹440).

Most Promising Review: "This is very nice. This is my first nail art kit. Watched videos on how to do it and finally succeeded. The trick is that you should not stamp on the plate too hard. Just press a little bit and you will get the design." - swathi mungara

Get it here.

11. These moisturising socks that hydrate your feet (₹250).

Most Promising Review: "I loved these moisturising socks! I have very dry & rough feet, often cracked and these socks worked wonderfully well to make my feet smooth & hydrated just after wearing them for 35-40 minutes. They were also easy to use without creating a mess. Definitely recommended!" - Nirupa

Get it here.

12. This 36-piece set of photo booth party props (₹239).

Most Promising Review: "The props are really good. Although made of thick paper, the number of props for the price is good. In the same amount all you can get is 4-5 party goggles or so. This one offers a lot of variety. Made my party a super hit!! Highly recommended." - Amisha Ahuja

Get it here.

Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

To see what else is trending on Amazon India, check out its Movers and Shakers section!

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