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15 Photos Of Mothers That Will Make You Want To Hug Yours

Ma, this one is for you.

1. This mother, getting her daughter ready for a brighter future.

Barcroft Media

2. And this amma, leading her daughter toward success.

ARUN SANKAR / Stringer

3. This mother, who's not only prepping for an exam but also setting an example for her lil' one.

4. This ammi, holding her son's hand through a lesson in tolerance.

5. This mom, daring her kid to imagine what love can be.

6. These women who are taking a break from breadwinning to gup-shup with their best friends.

BIJU BORO / Stringer

7. This mother, teaching civic duty as early as possible.


8. And this ma, who knows playtime can be found anywhere.

9. This mom, teaching her babies that love has no geographical borders.


10. These mummas, carrying their babies to life and through life.

STRDEL / Stringer

11. This ma, who is clearly her kids' favourite person.


12. This mumma who will wade through any compromise to keep her baccha warm.


13. This ma, holding on to her most prized possession.

STRDEL / Stringer

14. This mum who's gotta go to work but is taking play with her.

AFP / Stringer

15. And this mom, sticking by her kid's side, like moms do.

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