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28 Reasons Manteca Waterslides Holds A Special Place In Your Heart

With summertime quickly approaching, here are the top reasons you miss the Manteca Waterslides

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1. You knew it was almost summer time because you started hearing the Manteca Waterslides song everywhere you went

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(Song at 13:38 of video)

3. You still know every word to the Manteca Waterslides song by heart

Might as well add this to your Summer 2014 playlist:

6. You and your friends got your season passes taken away on opening day

8. You got smart and planned ahead by hiding several different color mats in the bushes on the way up to outwit Manteca Waterslide employees

9. When you got caught switching colors, you immediately got back in line for the Mats and cut to the front

10. You and your friends stopped in the middle of The Subway to clog up the slide and form a train, and made sure to let other kids out first so you didn’t get caught

11. Your middle school brought your class to Manteca Waterslides to celebrate graduating 8th grade (as all 209-ers know, this is not a small accompishment)

19. In high school you pregamed in the parking lot, and snuck in alcohol into the water park

20. You drank faderade while going down the The River Rapids

24. You knew people who collected Coke cans to get discounted admission into the water park

26. Your little brother or sister may not have ever had the chance to ride the V-max

Due to the 2000's California housing bubble. Which led to the sale of the water park to tract home investors (those tract homes that were never built because of the housing collapse)

Manteca Waterslides, if only you knew how much we miss you

The original ratchet, before ratchet was a thing

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