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    15 Tweets That Perfectly Capture The Magic That Was BTS In Las Vegas

    Otherwise known as Borahaegas.

    Earlier this month, Las Vegas found itself painted in a new color. A bright shade of purple took over the famous Las Vegas Strip, as global superstars, BTS, took over.

    The seven-member K-Pop group played four sold out shows at Allegiant Stadium, leading to their fanbase, ARMY, flying from across the world and taking over Las Vegas. Their concert, Permission To Dance On Stage, not only had a live in-person audience, but was also streamed for fans at the MGM Grand Garden Arena (and to very little surprise, those viewings also sold out).

    Of course, not every fan is able to attend these events in person. However, that rarely ever stops ARMY.

    From posting live updates, to watching the last concert via a livestream, ARMYs worldwide took to the internet. Between sharing their thoughts, their many memes, and favorite moments from the shows online, Twitter became a haven for all who cared to enjoy these concerts, one way or another.

    So, without further ado, here are a few tweets that perfectly capture all the excitement and magic that happened on and off stage at Permission To Dance On Stage.

    1. When the screens temporarily broke during Night 1 and ARMY reacted the way they know best: with memes.

    bts waiting for the staff to fix the concert screen backstage

    Twitter: @miniminicult

    For context, BTS and their backup dancers were waiting in what appeared to be a cage when the screen malfunctioned.

    2. How beautiful the venue was during "Dynamite" thanks to the thousands of lightsticks (also known as the "ARMY Bomb").

    This view should be included in the New 7 Wonders of the World— #PTD_ON_STAGE_LV @BTS_twt

    Twitter: @namjoonomnom

    3. V running through the streamers only to show his runway skills after.

    Taehyung running around to collect streamers and performing a model walk #PTD_ON_STAGE_LV #PTD_ON_STAGE_LV_DAY4

    Via Twitter: @BOMHARU1230

    4. This video (provided by J-Hope's Instagram) of ARMY doing the wave — a tradition that has been happening at BTS' tours for the past few years.

    I don't think there is any artist or band in this world who can do a wave with all the million fans in one stadium..... PERFECT SYNC !!!! ONLY BTS & ARMYS CAN..... #PTD_ON_STAGE_LV #BTS

    Twitter: @BTSArmy_47

    5. ARMY of all ages dancing together and showing that music has no age restrictions.


    Via Twitter: @out_namjooning

    6. ARMY gathering together at Mandalay Bay Bridge and keeping the party going.

    7. Some of BTS' backup dancers joining ARMY at the Luxor for a post-concert after party.

    Some more dancers from The Lab came and danced to Fire. Always high energy, thank you for supporting our boys in Vegas 💜 #bts #TheLab

    Dancers from The Lab arrived in Las Vegas to be the backup dancers for Permission To Dance On Stage.

    8. J-Hope dancing with Jin and radiating like the suns that they are.

    the sun does actually revolve around the moon.

    Prior to traveling to Las Vegas for the concerts, Jin had surgery on his hand, which meant he was unable to participate in a few of the performances.

    9. This fan who dressed up as Spider-Man and got noticed by Jungkook (and in turn made us scream as well).

    jungkook smiling at a fan in spider-man costume

    10. V asking the gentlemen in the stadium to scream, and BTS being floored over how loud the cheers were.


    11. V and Jin showing off their dance skills and all-around having fun.

    Twitter: @jinshour

    12. Jimin and J-Hope laughing at a sign saying "JK! Let's have a boxing match," one of the many interesting signs that fans brought to the concerts.

    jihope laughing at the "JK! let's have a boxing match" sign 😭🤣

    13. Just a few of the many (many) "Yoongi Marry Me" posters that became the newest inside joke between BTS and ARMY.

    the most important sign to bring in a bts concert: “YOONGI MARRY ME”

    Twitter: @sugatradamus

    14. RM addressing the Grammys and haters, leaving us with the iconic line "We didn't come to Vegas for the Grammys, we came to Vegas for the ARMYs."

    “we didn’t come to vegas for the grammys.. we came to vegas for the armys”

    15. And last, but not least, a reminded of how historic these sold out shows in Las Vegas were for the city and BTS.

    BTS sold out Allegiant on back to back nights in back to back weekends. They also sold out viewing parties for each of those nights at MGM Grand Garden Arena. For those asking, no this isn't normal. It's unheard of and Vegas will never see anything like it again.

    Via Twitter: @kipthekelly