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20 More Two-Sentence Horror Stories If The 1st Ones Left You Dying For More

Readers beware. You're in for a scare.

I don't want you to be haunted by the fact that you didn't check out the 1st collection of 20 two-story sentence horror stories so you can find it here (if you dare).

1. I just received an angry text from my ex: "I hope you burn in hell for what you've done!"

No idea how he managed to send that text without fingers.

2. I thought it was cute that my cat always randomly stares at me.

Then I realized he was looking at something just behind me.

3. I rage-quit after losing to the final boss for the 13th time.

As I was shutting off the computer, I noticed my avatar pounding on the screen, begging me not to leave him alone.

4. They say there's nothing like the laughter of a child.

To that I say, "Unless it's 2am, and you're home alone."

5. "Put the mirrors back," the stranger's text said.

Their next message: "We miss watching you".

6. As I lay on my deathbed, I wished to see the love of my life.

When I saw her enter the room, my heart began to race because she'd been dead for 16 years. 

7. I awoke because of an aching hunger growing in my stomach.

Hopefully the man who's been keeping me locked in his basement for the past three years will bring some food down soon. 

8. When they delivered the mannequins, I was relieved to see that they'd covered them in bubblewrap.

Why do I hear popping from the storage room?

9. After a long day, you're tired and excited to get home, relax, and just be alone.

You arrive at your house and reach for the light switch, only to find another hand is already there.

10. When I was five, my grandmother told me that I had the ability to see when the Angel of Death was coming to take someone.

One day, I saw the Angel of Death at every house on my street except mine.

11. I noticed I was casting two shadows.

There's only one lightbulb.

12. I woke up to the sound of a cat purring in my ear.

But I only have a dog.

13. I played a game of rock, paper, scissors with myself in the mirror last night.

I lost.

14. Looking through the keyhole of her bedroom door, the little girl's father offered to take her for ice cream if she came out.

As great as ice cream sounds, it doesn't change the fact that her father doesn't have red eyes.

15. I begin tucking my son into bed when he says, "Daddy, check under the bed 'cause I think there's a monster."

I check and see him – another him – shivering under the bed, whispering, "Daddy, there's something in my bed."

16. The grinning face stares at me from the darkness beyond my bedroom window.

I live on the 13th floor.

17. I've always worked the night shift alone.

But tonight, there's a face in the cellar staring at the security camera.

18. You’re laying in bed with your feet sticking out from under the covers when you feel a dog lick your foot.

You don't own a dog. 

19. The funeral attendees never came out of the catacombs.

Upon further investigation, you discover that someone locked the crypt door from the inside.

20. After waiting for nearly 30 minutes, the officer finally got back to me about the trace they'd put out.

He said the call was coming from inside the house.