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Why BuzzFeed Should Hire Me

My name is Rachel Rowlands, I'm dedicated, qualified, and I love lists.

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In college, I discovered my ability to write funny articles.

I used my furious typing skills and wit to join The Black Sheep as a writer and wrote weekly humor articles. As a senior I was promoted to Campus Manager/Editor in Chief.

My background helping writers improve their skills, think of ideas, and create relevant content would make me an excellent Associate Community Editor.

I shape the young, pliable minds of my writers and help them tap into their imagination. I would definitely be able to do the same for the BuzzFeed community.

I like to think my writing is effortless and graceful like this dog.

If I looked this attractive while typing I'd have job offers piling up at my feet. But, like this dog, I put in a ton of effort and have a passion for what I do.

I'm not just a writer...

...But I'm a good student as well. I go to the University of Michigan, and besides our athletic fame (despite recent years...) we are renowned for our academics. Studying and grades are serious business here, and are serious to me as well.

And I truly believe I would be a great asset at BuzzFeed!

I think BuzzFeed and I will get along great. And hopefully I balanced the serious job application side with the fun-I-can-make-lists side.

Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you!

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