What You Really Do On Your Computer When You’re Bored In Class

You want to concentrate, but sometimes the enticing lure of the internet is too much. So instead you end up reading lists like these.

1. Taking notes in class is important, but you can only focus for so long.

Just one teensy little break from this soul crushing monotony, please?

2. You know if you don’t do something, you’ll snap.

Welcome to crazy town, population you.

3. So you pull up Facebook and start stalking that hot person in your next class.

We all do it. No shame.

4. And then you stalk that kid you went to high school with that randomly pops up in your newsfeed.

Are they hot? Fat? Married? PREGNANT?

5. Then you move on to your ex, and obviously realize you’re WAY better off without them.

It’s not an “evil” grin if they deserve it, right?

6. Crap. Did the professor just say something important?

Or even worse - did they just ask you a question?

7. Nope! Now off to the magical land of Tumblr.

You could do this all day. And night. Literally.

8. Or maybe puppies instead.

How could these fluffy faces not make everything better always.

9. Because you’re such a good student, you take furious notes for a whole five minutes.

I’m sure this intensely detailed chunk of notes will make up for not paying attention for the rest of class!

10. Then you message your friends and talk about the insanity that was last weekend.

You’re so popular and fun, how could people not want to talk to you?

11. You also check your email because you’re a refined human being with important things to do.

Dozens of emails a day = success.

12. BuzzFeed is next, because what could be a better pick-me-up?

If only a dance of pure joy was acceptable in the middle of lecture.

13. Then you’re off to Twitter. Those parody accounts are just so gosh darn hilarious!

And seemingly never-ending Tweets are an ideal distraction.

14. But you realize you’re getting in too deep. You need to leave the internet and concentrate, or else…

…you may get sucked into the distraction abyss and never return. And probably fail your midterm.

15. BUT then class ends. Good job, you! Work on concentrating next class.

You deserve a break after all that hard work. Why not go back on the internet?

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