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Ian Somerhalder And Josh Holloway Had A Love Fest On Social Media And It Was Perfect


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As you may or may not know, hotties Ian Somerhalder and Josh Holloway starred together on a little show called LOST.

Mario Perez / ABC / Via

While the show ended almost six years ago, beloved Boone and Sawyer are still buds today.

Recently, Josh joined Instagram and Twitter, and Ian couldn't be happier.

Instagram: @iansomerhalder / Via

"If Sawyer loved Boone... Oh the LOST days. My dear brother Josh Holloway is joining Instagram as @officialjoshholloway I'm happy to be able to keep up with him. Listen dudes, this is a man's man. Ladies, this is a true husband, father and incredibly talented man that I am proud to call my brother. Follow him if you'd like (I am) and check out what he's working hard to bring us. Enjoy Jimmy Kimmel tonight talking about your new show my brother- give Jimmy my love I miss that guy!"

Josh re-tweeted Ian's post, then shared a LOST #tbt

Instagram: @officialjoshholloway / Via

"#TBT #LOST #namaste. Truly appreciate the shout-out from my brother @iansomerhalder"

Ian re-shared the post with his followers as well, adding his own nostalgic caption:

"@officialjoshholloway I just borrowed this... Wow. #throwbackthursday is right. This image makes me kind of emotional-what a journey... Who is the guy in the bottom right?"

The love only continued on Twitter

Yo @jimmykimmel you have my brother Josh Holloway on tonight! Have a blast guys-wish I was there but Im prepping to direct my episode of VD


Here's to hoping for many more awesome posts between these two!

Maggie Grace, Ian Somerhalder, and Josh Holloway.
Maggie Grace

Maggie Grace, Ian Somerhalder, and Josh Holloway.

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