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7 Reasons Why You Should Start A "Bookstagram"

book-sta-gram-ming: verb The act of posting book-related photos to Instagram. Commonly characterized by an abnormal obsession with taking photos of books and food/objects/etc.

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Via Instagram: @never_too_many_books

First off, what in the world is a "bookstagram"? You may have run across this term on social media before. It really just refers to having an account on Instagram that is dedicated to books.

Sound weird yet? Believe it or not, there are quite a few benefits to "bookstagramming". For instance, did you know you can actually get free stuff? Now you know! But there are several more reasons to create your own bookstagram:

1. A Fantastic Community

Via Instagram: @charmtheliteraryvessel

The bookstagram community is an incredibly welcoming group of people! No one can accuse us of not being a diverse group. It's incredible how people from all around the globe can come together to share a mutual love of books! It doesn't matter where you're from, what language you speak, or what religious background you have. There's a place for you in the bookstagram community!

2. Express Your Love of Books Through Photos

The primary use of a bookstagram account is to, of course, post photos of books. These photos can be in any style! Inside, outside, dark background, light background, busy background, simple background, etc. You name it, it's out there!

Really, the possibilities are endless!

3. Giveaways!

Via Instagram: @bookwormboutique

Bookstagramming also opens the doors to many book-related giveaways. (The first topic in the "free stuff" category.) There are usually multiple ways to enter these giveaways, so you don't necessarily have to mess up your "theme."

The screenshot below is an example of what a giveaway typically looks like. Note: This is only a part of the complete post.

4. Rep Opportunities (aka free merch!)

Via Instagram: @never_too_many_books

One of the best things about bookstagramming is all the opportunities to represent businesses that sell book-related merch. When you're a rep, a business will send you merchandise for free (YES, FREE) so that you can post about it on your bookstagram. This usually includes writing their username (and sometimes a discount code) in your bio. (See the photo below for an example.)

Via Instagram: @novelinkdesigns

The rep possibilities are endless! Everything from candles to bookmarks to mugs to t-shirts. As long as you put a lot of time and effort into your bookstagram account, you have a good chance at being picked as a rep.


Via Instagram: @j.t.copeiv

(See what I mean about the "free" thing?)

Another fantastic thing about bookstagramming is that you often have the opportunity to read/review books. Authors love looking for bookstagrammers to review their books. Who better to review a book than someone who will also be posting pictures of that book all over social media? Some authors, like the author blow, will then feature those photos on their blog. It's a win-win situation!

6. You Have CONTROL

Via Instagram: @never_too_many_books

Sometimes your real life just ain't going right and you wish you could control SOMETHING! Well, bookstagramming is an easy way to fix that. You can control everything about your account: who you follow, what photos you post, what theme you give your blog, etc. This is an excellent time to channel your inner "control freak!"

7. Be Yourself And Have Fun

Via Instagram: @bookwormeverlasting

Yeah, there's free stuff. And you can take pretty photos. But most importantly, you get to have fun while sharing your love of books. Your bookstagram is somewhere safe and happy where you can chat with other book lovers, drool over amazing book merch, and look at beautiful book photos. Frankly, it's a book-lover's heaven!

Via Instagram: @never_too_many_books

So join us! In the bookstagram community, you are free to be your natural, slightly-insane, book-obsessed self. No one will judge you for going crazy over a new release, saving that piece of candy for a photoshoot, or posting a video as you unwrap a new book.

Do we still sound crazy? Maybe a bit... But you're welcome to be crazy with us. Give bookstagramming a shot and join the rest of us book-nerds!

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