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RE: BuzzFeed LIFESTYLE WRITER Natural Skin Products You Need In Your Life ASAP

So many people waste their money on expensive skincare routines when a million natural recipes exist...and they are cheap! But most importantly they probably already exist in your are the most important ones.

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Raw Honey

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Raw honey masks are amazing because raw honey kills bacteria. Leave on for 30 minutes as many times a week as you'd like! Only use the raw stuff, though...the regular honey doesn't work as well.

Apple Cider Vinegar

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Apple cider vinegar is killer for acne because it also has antibacterial properties. It has to be diluted because it's so strong and is best used only once or twice a week. Plus, it smells terrible so try putting it on at night.


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I know, another simple one but sugar is excellent for making sugars scrubs which help exfoliate the skin. If you shed the dirt you'll have a natural glow and sugar should be a staple of every skincare routine.

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