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RE: BuzzFeed Application: Why Solange Knowles Is Just As Kickass As Her Sister

While I love to sip my lemonade I think the Knowles sisters are an equal powerhouse of badassary

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She's got that black girl magic


And she is not afraid to show it. Solange has always stuck to her roots and embraced her (gorgeous) natural hair. Sure, InTouch once compared it to a dog. But she didn't let the haters get to her. And she never compromised her style because of it. She slays.

She's a mom

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And she's been one for awhile. She was featured in Beyonce's music vidoe "Soldier" looking beautiful and pregnant. And just like her sister she seems really involved in Daniel's life. Girl power!

And she definitely has her sisters back

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While that elevator incident may have been scandalous, she had her sisters back. Whatever was happening between Beyonce and Jay-Z, Solange was there to protect her sister.

She just slays

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No matter what Solange says or does she looks awesome doing it. She isn't afraid to be who she is and she doesn't compromise herself for anyone. If that isn't girl power than I don't know what is.

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