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10 Times Hilary Banks Owned The Style Game Harder Than You Ever Could

While she was catty and a bit bratty, it's undeniable that Hil had an eye for only the best kind of fashion.

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1. When she visited the Playboy mansion against her father's will, because we all know she gave those girls a run for their money in this cutout ensemble:


2. When she made us go, "Madonna who?":

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3. She even made this Beetlejuice-inspired outfit hot af:

4. When she was like a Forever 21 model with a twist:

5. When she was Blossom, if Blossom had done it right:

6. When she made us want to try mom jean shorts:

7. When she taught us shoulder cutouts could be so savvy, and not trashy:

8. When her beauty was the opposite of a curse:

9. When she rocked a hat and shoulder pads without looking frumpy:

10. And even when her PJs looked better than your streetwear:

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