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Posted on Dec 24, 2014

This Teen Figured Out How To Deter Her Family From Asking Whether She Has A Boyfriend

"If you refrain from asking me these questions ... we will have a happy and loving holiday season."

Catching up with your family over the holidays can be challenging, but Arianna Simon, a 17-year-old from Rockland, New York, created a hilarious solution for navigating the awkwardness.

Simon got the idea while talking to her mom about how much she hates "answering the same five questions over and over during the holidays," she told the Huffington Post, when her mom hinted at making a printout for her relatives. "She was beyond shocked when I actually followed through with her idea."

So before Thanksgiving dinner, Simon passed out the tongue-in-cheek FAQs, which include answers on whether she has a boyfriend and where she's going to college:

Arianna Simon

Arianna's FAQ:

If you refrain from asking me these questions that I have nicely provided you the answers to, we will have a happy and loving holiday season! Thank you!

College: I have not decided where I want to go to college. Ideally, I'd be at UConn. But unfortunately, I have to get in first. The average GPA is just a little bit above mine. If I do not get it, I may go to RCC and transfer.

Boyfriends: No, I do not have a boyfriend right now, regardless of what my mom and may have told you.

Age: I turned 17 in October.. yes, I know time flies. I have gotten taller, that happens when you grow up.

Relatives: You might be my third cousin, but no- I do not remember you.

The inventive teen said the pamphlet was "more of a gag joke than anything else," and said everyone thought it was a great idea.

"I was surprised though, because I didn't have anything to talk about with some family members," she added. "Overall, I think the pamphlet was a hit and I loved not talking about the same things."

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