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23 Pictures That Show The Devastation Of This Winter On The West Coast

Don't worry, it's almost spring.

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1. East Coast winter may be bad, but this winter has been particularly hard for the West Coast.

2. The water is a bit chillier than normal.

3. Pedicures are basically mandatory.

4. Every day requires the tough decision of whether or not to bring a light jacket.

5. Because the windchill is totally awful.

6. You might even have to start a campfire on the beach.

7. And you're faced with the difficult task of deciding which hike to go on because there are way too many options.

8. And, worst of all, you have to brunch outside.

9. Sunscreen can get pretty expensive.

10. Avoiding tan lines requires a daily effort.

11. And you have to find a water bottle that can actually keep water cold in the warm sun.

You know, because you're sweating so much.

12. The sun gets in your eyes while you're trying to read.

13. And the gorgeous sunsets cause quite the distraction on the commute home from work.

14. Plus, the kids won't stop asking to go outside.

15. Dogs have way too much space to run in.

16. The damn birds refuse to migrate.

17. Choosing white or red wine for a beach picnic is super challenging.

18. And sometimes it's nearly impossible to pick which picture to Instagram.

19. All of the blooming flowers definitely don't help with allergies.

20. And bugs sometimes try to get into your food when you're picnicking.

21. Having basically the same weather every day is rough.

22. And trying to find a spot on the crowded beach can ruin your whole day.

23. We really feel for you, West Coast.

Hang in there.

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