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A 5-Year-Old "Bubble Boy" Has Inspired People All Over The World To #WearYellowForSeth

Seth Lane went viral after asking people to wear yellow to support him and raise awareness for his disease before undergoing his second bone marrow transplant.

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Seth Lane, a 5-year-old boy in England with a severe immune system disorder, recently went viral after asking people to support him and raise awareness by wearing yellow for one day on March 27.

The little boy was diagnosed at five months old with severe combined immunodeficiency disorder (SCID), sometimes called "bubble boy disease," and has spent more than half of his life in a sterile environment (a "bubble").

The story spread to every corner of the globe, and today thousands of people are wearing the sunny hue for the boy from Northamptonshire to raise awareness for his disease and remind him he's not alone.

Wishing for sunny days ahead, Seth @ourheroseth! #wearyellowforseth


Seth's dad, Nik, said earlier that they have a map in his son's hospital room where they're going to pin all the countries in the world that people have shared a picture from, and post some of the pictures on the walls.

But Nik and his wife, Leanne, weren't expecting this huge a response.

"We said we're going to hang them [photos] all up, but I think there's going to be a lot more pictures than we thought," Leanne told ABC News. "I think we'll need a football stadium."

Hello Seth! I hope you'll feel better! XOXO #WearYellowForSeth


RT @PredsNHL A special #PredsPride Friday. Wear your gold OR Yellow in support of a special boy- #WearYellowForSeth

We can't wear yellow but we have a nice yellow helicopter at 202 Sqn RAF Boulmer Seth 😃 #wearyellowforseth

Plenty of celebrities joined in, like Robin Roberts and Ashton Kutcher.

My Fabu producer Shardé and I wearing yellow to support 5 year old Seth, as he battles SCID. #wearyellowforseth


Lets make this little dudes day! #wearyellowforseth

One of Seth's favorite cartoons, Paw Patrol, decked its pups out in yellow.

@ourheroseth Today the PAW Patrol is wearing yellow for you! #wearyellowforseth @SpinMasterToys #pawpatrol


Keep fighting beautiful boy! You are so very loved! Even my dog put on a yellow shirt! #wearyellowforseth

Ashton firefighters donned their yellow helmets for a photo at the end of their shift this morning #wearyellowforseth


The @cnntoday team is joining the #WearYellowForSeth movement and encourages everyone else out there to do the same!

DPD K-9 Delta is #wearyellowforseth today. Seth is a true superhero! @BlueLineAcross


A band even wrote a song for Seth with the lyric, "We're all wearing yellow for you."

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Sometime next week Seth is scheduled to have his gallbladder removed, due to taking antibiotics for years. If that's successful, he'll start chemotherapy in five weeks, then eight days later have his second bone marrow transplant.

The bone marrow will be donated by Seth's father.


Leanne said that after the transplant, Seth will likely be in the hospital for up to another year, but said he "deals with everything extremely well."

"When we went to the hospital, he said to me, 'I'm not going home for a long time Mummy, am I?' I said, 'No, you've got a lot to do here' and he comes to the conclusion that he's just accepted it," she told ABC News.

Showing our support for one brave little guy. Go Seth! #wearyellowforseth

See more of people wearing yellow at, sponsored by the Bubble Foundation, Seth's charity that helps children without immune systems.