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This Ridiculously Cute Puppy Looks Like A Dog–Teddy Bear Hybrid

Get ready to fall in love.

This is Tonkey.

Tonkey is a bear-coat shar-pei, and looks something like a living stuffed animal.

The four-month-old pup is owned by Canadian Christine Park, 26, and her boyfriend, Dave, 30.

The two run a home-building company called SWISH Developments.

Tonkey is "silly, stubborn, and loyal to her friends and family," Park told BuzzFeed.

But she's still figuring out this whole stairs business (in the cutest way possible).

Tonkey also has a sister, Maxi.

Though they've only known each other for a couple of months, Maxi and Tonkey are BFFs.

"Wherever they are, Tonkey feels the need to be near Maxi, always touching, and always cuddling when they sleep," Park said.

When deciding what kind of second dog to get, the couple became fascinated with the history of shar-peis, which almost went extinct in the 1970s.

"It wasn't until Tonkey's litter was born that Dave and I learned what a bear coat was!" Park said. "We were thrilled to discover the existence of 'fluffy' shar-peis, and it was an easy decision for us."

"Bear-coat" shar-peis are incredibly rare, because their fuzzy features are caused by a recessive gene that both parents must carry.

So Tonkey is pretty special!

The little puppy has tons of fans, especially on Imgur, where she first became a hit with Tonkey Tuesdays.

She's even got 18,000 fans on Instagram!

But Park said she also gets some negative comments that claim she's a "designer dog" resulting from "messing around" with the breed.

"I would love for everyone to know that this is an ancient breed that overcame a rough history, from dogfighting rings to mass extermination, until finally being rescued by the U.S.," Park explained.

The Edmonton native added that she and Dave are huge advocates for dog adoption, and rescued Maxi.

If only every day could be Tonkey Tuesday.

See ya later, Tonks!