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Grandmas Hilariously Analyze The Lyrics To “Drunk In Love”

"They must have a big bathtub."

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Reality stars the Golden Sisters tried to wrap their heads around some modern pop culture by giving a thorough read of the lyrics to the remix of Beyoncé's chart-topping juggernaut, "Drunk In Love."

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Needless to say, they were not super impressed.

"All the teenagers are singing this," Terry says.

They also weren't totally sure who Kanye West is.

"Kim Kardashian likes 'em big, trust me."

And wonder if Jay-Z minds her saying these things.

Most of the raunchy lyrics from the remix made them gasp.

Though they did understand what "surfbort" meant, somehow.

Actually, the grandmas are hipper than they let on.

But still pretty old-fashioned.

And just generally lost.

Grandmas! They're just like...other grandmas.

h/t Daily Dot

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