This "Parks And Rec"-Themed Wedding Is The Cutest Thing That's Ever Happened

    OK, the wedding was staged for a photo shoot, but it's still insanely precious.

    Every year, Michigan-based photographers Trish and Patrick Hadley get together with local vendors and stage a wedding for a photoshoot. But when Trish was looking for inspiration this year, she said everything was the same old, same old.

    "Great Gatsby, boho, rustic," she explained to BuzzFeed News. "I mean, how many fucking ways can you dress up a damn mason jar?"

    The self-proclaimed Parks and Recreation "freak" realized that their theme was right in front of her eyes — or rather, right on her TV screen.

    "The episode when the characters of Ben and Leslie went to Paris, I realized I was looking at one of my favorite couples on TV and in retrospect, how real they were [in comparison] to most of the characters that are out there," she said. "Plus, the show is filled with SO many great nuggets, from the food references and one-liners, that I knew there would be a plethora of substance to pull from."

    The details throughout the wedding shoot are impressively in tune with the show.

    Trish said she noticed Leslie always wore red on episodes where she had romantic milestones with Ben, so she put a blonde model in a red dress.

    They also incorporated Ben's tendency to wear checkered shirts in his wardrobe, and styled Fake Leslie's hair like the painting of her as a centaur.

    Trish also changed up Fake Andy's suit to look like an FBI agent, and dressed Fake April as Janet Snakehole in a black wedding dress.

    The shoot took place at Cliff Bells, a "cool jazz club" in Detroit, as a nod to Ron Swanson's alter ego, Duke Silver.

    Other, more hidden details included Lil' Sebastian and penguins (who Leslie once married) on the invitations and placeholders.

    There's even a stand-in for Champion! "I wanted to highlight a pit bull that was up for adoption (and he is)," Trish said about the dog, named Brody. "His face just makes me smile."

    And a shoutout to Tom Haverford's unique way of nicknaming his food. Calzones are notably absent.

    Definitely putting "Zertz" on my wedding menu.

    Though much like a real wedding, the day didn't go perfectly — Trish said their first waffle cake melted and the original pit bull had to cancel — but for the most part, she said they felt like it was a success.

    "The fact that there was whiskey on standby made dealing with those things easier," she added.

    Fake Leslie and Fake Ben 4ever.