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This Nifty Engagement Ring Box Could Change Proposals Forever

Why didn't I think of this?

After 26-year-old designer Andrew Zo spoke to his friends about their proposals, he realized that there was a flaw in the whole process: The bulky ring box. Realizing that they all look the same, he decided to design a change for the better.

"The friends that I had interviewed told me that it is a very nerve-wracking experience trying to hide a very bulky box in the pocket," he told BuzzFeed.

Enter the Clifton engagement ring case.

The case Zo designed is unique in that it's flat, small enough to fit in a wallet, with a pop-up mechanism that hides the ring.

Now suitors can say goodbye to that huge square giveaway peeking out of their pocket.

Zo, who is located in Vancouver and crafts each box by hand, has had so many orders since his ring showed up on Reddit that he's had to stop taking orders for September.

But you can sign up for his mailing list to buy one for about $90 for October.

Your special someone will never see it coming.