This 22-Year-Old Model Has The Funniest Instagram In Fashion

    Tilda Lindstam is changing the Instagram game.

    Meet Tilda Lindstam, a 22-year-old Swedish model who runs your new favorite Instagram.

    On Instagram, where she's collected over 100,000 followers, Tilda doesn't seem like your typical model.

    Tilda shares the very important moments in her life, like when she got drunk backstage at the Dior show and "made a stranger take this photo."

    Or that time she found her twin.

    And when she attended the "Meth Ball" (get it?)

    It's clear her job is...pretty out of the ordinary.

    But no one's more aware of it than Tilda.

    T's obviously stunning, but also relatably awkward and goofy.

    She is clearly #friendshipgoals.

    For one thing, she's got her future all planned out.

    She's not all about that yoga-and-salad model life.

    Girl clearly loves food.

    Other things she loves: her selfie stick. And wine. 🙌

    Also, nude granny panties.

    And she isn't above a good meme.

    ...Or two.

    She's constantly throwing shade...

    Making fun of herself...

    Showing off her ~glam~ life...

    And doesn't make a big deal about posting a less-than-perfect selfie (like during allergy season).

    She even lets her friends rag on her.

    Though she's impressively down-to-earth, don't get it twisted: Tilda is a superstar.

    Never change, Tilda.