This Photo Series About Breastfeeding Hopes To Educate Men While Empowering Women

Project Breastfeeding’s goal is to “make [men] better fathers and better husbands.”

1. After Hector Cruz’s daughter, Sophia, was born, he felt “robbed” of being able to help his wife when she struggled with breastfeeding. “I felt like I wasn’t allowed to be a part of that experience,” he said.

Cruz’s feelings about the lack of education for new dads and the stigmatization of breastfeeding moms got him thinking.

2. The photographer decided to take action by starting Project Breastfeeding, a photo series that hopes to “destigmatize public breast feeding, educate men, and empower women.”

3. Cruz said he wants to help fathers understand “what a vital role they actually play in the breastfeeding journey.”

“As fathers we think our role is to figure out what the best car seat is, to figure out what the best carrier or stroller is, have the right car and make sure we put up the crib and have everything in order, but our roles go so much deeper than that,” Cruz said.

4. The photo series features men pretending to nurse with the tagline, “If I could, I would.”

5. According to the project’s Facebook, Cruz hopes to raise enough money from the photos and a book to have a national billboard campaign, and he’s looking for dads who want to help out by posing.

6. “It’s a show of support to every mom out there that we just want to let you know as men that hey, if we could do it we would, and we’re here to support you,” Cruz said.

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