This Is #LeBroning, The Amazing New Meme Mocking LeBron James

Step 1: Walk into someone. Step 2: Flop hard.

1. It’s no secret that the Miami Heat’s LeBron James is kind of a klutz on the basketball court.

3. The guy isn’t quite as sturdy as his 6-foot-8-inch frame might have you believe.

4. LeBron’s frequent flops have brought about a new social media trend: #LeBroning. Vine user Ronnie first posted on #LeBroning months ago, but it started picking up on the internet this week.

5. Users all over Twitter and Vine are posting their own #LeBroning moments.

6. Basically you walk into someone and flop on the ground.

7. Down he goes.

8. People are getting pretty creative with it.

9. Like, really creative.

10. There’s #LeBroning in the mall.

11. #LeBroning in the supermarket…

12. But mostly the #LeBroning is in school hallways.

13. Some slow-motion #LeBroning

14. “#LeBroning at the Alumni game”

15. Not all are as tactful as others.

Pretty sure I got a mini concussion from my #LeBroning video on insta

— Adrian Sanchez (@asanchez_25)

17. It helps if you lie on the ground and look really pissed after.

18. Though sometimes it just freaks people out.

19. And that’s how you do #LeBroning.

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