This Is #LeBroning, The Amazing New Meme Mocking LeBron James

    Step 1: Walk into someone. Step 2: Flop hard.

    It's no secret that the Miami Heat's LeBron James is kind of a klutz on the basketball court.

    The guy isn't quite as sturdy as his 6-foot-8-inch frame might have you believe.

    LeBron's frequent flops have brought about a new social media trend: #LeBroning. Vine user Ronnie first posted on #LeBroning months ago, but it started picking up on the internet this week.

    Users all over Twitter and Vine are posting their own #LeBroning moments.

    Basically you walk into someone and flop on the ground.

    Down he goes.

    People are getting pretty creative with it.

    Like, really creative.

    There's #LeBroning in the mall.

    #LeBroning in the supermarket...

    But mostly the #LeBroning is in school hallways.

    Some slow-motion #LeBroning

    "#LeBroning at the Alumni game"

    Not all are as tactful as others.

    Pretty sure I got a mini concussion from my #LeBroning video on insta

    It helps if you lie on the ground and look really pissed after.

    Though sometimes it just freaks people out.

    And that's how you do #LeBroning.