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    This Instagram Captures The Hilariously Bizarre Things Kindergarteners Say

    Live From Snack Time was created by a teacher to broadcast her students' brilliantly funny quotes.

    Little kids are known to have no filter, and it can often be endlessly amusing. Enter the Instagram Live From Snack Time, which captures those hilarious moments of being a little kid.

    The Instagram was started by an elementary school teacher in New York City, who originally started posting the silly quotes to a Twitter account in May 2014.

    The teacher asked to remain anonymous out of respect for her students.

    She told BuzzFeed News she was inspired when a little boy responded to her question of what he learned that day with, "My butt is a line of symmetry!"

    "I thought it was such a creative way to explain what he learned," she said. "It was clear he had internalized the new material and that was his way to store the information."

    She added, "I am fascinated by the way children problem solve and think out loud. It's so sincere and authentic."

    So with help from an art director friend, in November the teacher launched Live From Snack Time, where she posts her students' hilarious quips and even takes submissions from other parents and teachers.

    And she's already gotten nearly 40,000 fans!

    The comments that get posted are often silly, irreverent, and strangely brilliant.

    Every night, the teacher and her art director go through their submissions and pick out the best ones to post. "It's such a fun process," she said.

    Collecting all of the quotes has helped the self-proclaimed educator/eavesdropper realize she picked the right career path.

    "The way they think out loud and try to figure out the world in a creative way makes me love my job so much!" she told the Huffington Post. "They keep me laughing from the second I walk in the door until I leave."

    Though the things kids say may sound like nonsense, the educator said she takes their thoughts "very seriously."

    "I am an active member in their evolving social development," she said. "I want children to feel open and confident to discuss what's on their minds."

    If you've got a funny kiddo or student, submissions for Live From Snack Time are being accepted here.

    "I hope people realize how funny and curious kids can be," the teacher said. "I recommend not taking their questions lightly, they are trying to figure out the world... but it doesn't hurt to laugh about it once in a while."