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This Genius Bracelet Is A Game Changer For Every Woman Who Uses Hair Ties

Give your wrists a day off while looking glam.

People #blessed with long locks who carry around a hair elastic on their wrists now have a stylish, irritation-free new option thanks to the clever BitterSweet jewelry company.

Together with her husband Arni, company founder Shireen Thor designed a fashionable bracelet that eliminates the discomfort often associated with wearing a hair elastic on your wrist.

Thor wrote on their website that, hoping to solve her problem of wanting to have an elastic band with her but feeling like it was an irritating "eye sore," her engineer husband surprised her with the first bracelet.

"My husband and I have always had the mindset of helping people solve their problems. This is what drew us both, independently, into prosthetic and orthopedic product design development," Thor told BuzzFeed.

She added, "But then we saw an opportunity to help solve a problem that I knew most all women had and one that I was very intimate with."

The designer, who is expecting a baby soon, told the Huffington Post she always felt "unsophisticated" when she saw pictures of herself with a hair tie on her wrist, so she wanted to turn it into a fashion statement.

"The inspiration came from wanting to solve a common beauty etiquette dilemma, avoid getting the painful elastic indention, and ensure your necessary hair accessory remains easily reachable in a fashionable way," she told BuzzFeed.

Arni has a U.S. patent for the design — a bracelet with a grooved channel that can hold any hair tie in place.

The bracelets range in price from $45 for steel-plated to $85 for pieces that are made out of silver, gold, or rose gold.

"The bracelet was sparked out of love and creativity to solve a common problem for women," Thor said.