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After Losing A Fantasy Football Bet, This Dude Did A Perfect Re-Creation Of Sia's "Chandelier"

Oh my god this is the best thing ever.

Chuck Jose, a digital operations specialist for PlayStation, apparently lost a fantasy football bet so badly that he had to re-create Sia's incredible "Chandelier" video as punishment.

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And boy did he nail it.

Jose is a natural, and almost perfectly matches Maddie Ziegler's flailing dance moves while bravely rocking a matching nude leotard.

His apartment even kinda looks like the dingy room where it was filmed.

The California native even tries to do a split!

Good effort, Chuck.

Such poise. Such grace.

A role model for bet losers everywhere.

BuzzFeed News has reached out to Jose to comment on this bit of perfection.

In a follow-up video, Jose explained that he's in a fantasy football league called The League of Humiliation, where they have weekly match-ups in which the loser has to do something embarrassing.

The dancer in the "Chandelier" video is Maddie Ziegler. It was incorrectly said to be Sia. Thanks to commenters for pointing it out!

h/t Elite Daily