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    This Adorable 4-Year-Old Instagram Star Steals Famous Dudes' Style

    "Mini Style Hacker" Ryker Wixom is so stylish it hurts.

    Meet Ryker Wixom, your new style icon. He's amassed more style cred in his four years than most people do in their entire life.

    Ryker's mom, Collette Wixom, realized her kid had a special style when friends showed her some famously sharp-dressed tykes online. She realized they looked similar to the way she dressed Ryker, the Daily Beast reports.

    The mom of two, who works in publishing, seeks out editorials and ads featuring the top trends in men's fashion for inspiration, then "hacks" the pricey looks by buying him clothes from stores like H&M and Gap Kids.

    Collette with her boys, Ryker and Grey.

    Once she's perfected the outfit, she snaps a picture of Ryker striking a similar pose as the original model and posts it to Mini Style Hacker.

    “I recently started ‘hacking’ people that I find inspirational or make me think of the type of men I want my son to be, like Pharrell. When I heard him [during an interview] on the radio I thought he was a great role model,” Wixom said.

    One challenge for Collette is making the photoshoots fun for the little boy, and maintaining his attention span.

    "I literally have to make everything a game for him," Wixom told The Daily Beast. "If I want him to put his hands in his pocket, I have him holster his 'laser guns' or for other poses, I have him 'power up.'"

    She also uses props like a "backpack instead of a bag, a juice box, or a toy car" to keep Ryker's pictures fun and youthful.

    Since starting the MiniStyleHacker account, Ryker has become an Instagram celebrity, amassing 44,000 followers and counting.

    Though his outfits are picture-perfect, Collette knows that they have to be practical, too. After all, he is still a 4-year-old. “I don’t put Ryker in anything he couldn’t go to school and play in," she said.

    You keep on keepin' on, Ryker.