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Pranksters Convince Their Friend He's Been In A Coma For 10 Years After His Fifth DUI

This could either be a hoax or the most elaborate prank-with-a-message of the year.

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Ray can be described as a bit of a lush. After his fifth DUI, his friends allegedly decided to play the prank of the century to knock some sense into him (though it's possible he was in on it).

After he passed out in his truck from drinking, Ray's friends built a fake hospital room and put him into it while he was still passed out.

A doctor came in and told him the year was 2023, and said his family had been notified. Ray asked to see his daughter.

The "doctor" also put on a fake newscast that said Hillary Clinton was president, "former actress and singer Miley Cyrus" was being evicted from a trailer park, and Justin Bieber was celebrating his anniversary with Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Ray was quiet, and seemed to be in shock.

A second doctor came in. "Can you feel this?" he asked.

"How about this?"

Ray realizes that he's been had.

But then things get serious.

"Five fucking DUIs. It's not funny. You could've lost your fucking daughter," his friend says.

Moral of the story:

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