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Meet "The Thing Of Evil," Stephen King's Adorable Corgi

Don't underestimate her, she's clearly plotting world domination.

A few days ago, Stephen King, the master of terrifying fiction, shared this adorable photo of his little corgi, Molly. He wrote that he calls her "The Thing of Evil."

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Yep, looks pretty evil to me.

King got his little monster back in December, and posted this picture of her presumably taken after she guiltlessly devoured Santa:

My new puppy chews up a Santa hat. Good idea.

A few month later, The Thing of Evil lounged in the sun, likely dreaming about drowning cats.

Molly celebrates her fourth month in the world, wild with excitement. Nah, just chilling' in da house.

Her bed not to her liking? She eats it.

Molly, aka The Thing of Evil, tries out Bed #2 after mostly devouring Bed #1.

In April, The Thing of Evil mused on her big plans for world domination.

Molly, aka The Thing of Evil, spends an afternoon thinking up new acts of wickedness.

She is ruthless. She takes no prisoners.

Molly, aka The Thing of Evil, ruthlessly hunts down the Purple Dinosaur of Decency and crows over its dead body.

She trains daily to be in top shape for when it's time for her to ascend to greatness.

Molly demonstrates the Thing of Evil Workout, also known as the Who Gives a Shit About Muscle Tone Workout.

And makes sure to show every potential naysayer who's boss.

Molly, aka The Thing of Evil, enjoys a box of Kleenex.

No text goes unchewed, not even her owner/slave's.

Molly, aka The Thing of Evil, examines my reading material and decides to eat it for lunch.

If she can't conquer the world, she'll at least settle for New England.

Molly, aka The Thing of Evil, looks west, plotting her conquest of New Hampshire.

No person (or box of cereal) is safe from her wrath!

Molly, aka The Thing of Evil, enjoys a box of Raisin Bran.

Memorize this face. You'll see it in your nightmares.

Molly, aka The Thing of Evil, considers the universe and finds it wanting.

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