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Someone Actually Glued Razor Blades All Over A Playground In Illinois

Parents sharing photos of the playground, where a 2-year-old was injured, went viral online shortly after.

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A two-year-old child in East Moline, Ill., was injured March 24 after someone glued razor blades to the playground equiptment.

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The child suffered a cut to their hand but was not seriously injured, KWQC reports.

Lieutenant Brian Foltz, who has been with the East Moline Police Department for almost 20 years, said he was shocked by the discovery.

"I've seen a lot of things, but not razor blades glued to equipment at a park," Foltz said.

Foltz said he thought the blades were probably a prank from some local kids, and police are investigating the incident.

"East Moline parks are safe, but it's just a bad situation, bad instance where somebody, or maybe a group of kids, I don't know who did this, but figured this would be a fun prank to do," he said.

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