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    Sleeve Hamsters Are A Strange Trend That Is Exactly What It Sounds Like

    Home is where the sleeves are.

    Hamsters: Pretty cute. Hamsters in sleeves: Way, way cuter.


    Translation: "Sleeve hamsters are seriously so damn cute."

    Throughout this winter, Twitter users in Japan have been posting precious pictures of their sleeve-inhabiting hamsters.

    I mean where else would they keep them, a cage?!

    おそようございます。(^-^)/ 袖ハムの季節になりました。 最近の定位置w

    "Good morning! (^-^)/ It's sleeve-hamster season again. This is where I live these days lol"

    The trend is apparently called sodehamu, with sode meaning sleeve, and hamu referring to the beginning of the Japanese pronunciation for “hamster."


    "When a hamster climbs into your sleeve you're basically creating a world heritage site of cute."

    We can thank Rocket News for collecting a handful of these adorable moments in sleeve hamster history.


    The sleeves make for cozy hideaways for the furry rodents, with Japanese homes often being poorly insulated.

    私の袖口に入るハムスター... 可愛すぎでもめっちゃくすぐったい…!!

    "My sleeve-hamster....too cute but so ticklish!!"

    They even have snack time!

    お兄ちゃんの袖の中で キャベツを食べるハム( ˘ω˘)♡

    "Hamster eating cabbage in my brother's sleeve ( ˘ω˘)♡ "

    No butts about it: This is pretty darn cute.


    That is, until they leave you their parting gift.

    Such majestic creatures.

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