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    Riff Raff Will Cook Your Mom A Lobster Dinner For $7,500

    He will also officiate your wedding, draw you a tattoo, or attend your bachelor party (if you've got the dough).

    Update — 3:10 p.m., ET

    Are you a Riff Raff super fan, or have a loved one who worships at the Riff altar?

    Getty Images / Cindy Ord

    Now you can stop looking for the perfect holiday gift for them, because the rapper is selling a host of insane options on his website.

    The tatted Texan will do things like call your mom, cook her a lobster dinner, draw you a tattoo, come to your bachelor party, or even officiate your wedding.

    Getty Images for MTV / Christopher Polk

    Just a few are currently available on the website, including him attending your bachelor party for $6,000, Skyping with your grandparents for $1,250, and naming/Instagramming your puppy for $500.

    The gifts that don't take place in person will happen within 30 days, but the ones that require travel (which you'll also pay for) will have a full year to be fulfilled.

    Marketing manager Mychael Clack told BuzzFeed News more options will be posted later tonight, including working out with Riff Raff or having him leave you a voicemail.

    "I think there's a certain attraction and there's a certain interest in people just really wanting to see what he is gonna do," Clack explained for their inspiration behind the gifts. "So I think putting him in real world situations, just like talking to your mom, he really is what you see on TV and what you see in the music videos."

    So if you want Riff Raff to sweep your mom off her feet with a seafood dinner, your dreams can soon come true (if you have $7,500 to spare).

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