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This Guy Can't Handle How His Girlfriend's Hair Magically Changes Colors

The colors, Duke, the colors!

Sabrina Abu-Obeid, a 24-year-old from Melbourne, Florida, recently dyed her hair violet.

But when she walked from the bathroom into the kitchen to show her new hair color to her boyfriend, DJ Monopoli, he noticed the color change right before his eyes.


Before they went to bed, DJ filmed a video of the optical illusion caused by the different lights, and the two thought it was so crazy they decided to post a clip of it on Imgur. It then racked up over 800,000 views.

"He really wanted to show me what he saw so he took out his phone and shot a quick video, which was initially intended for only me to see," Sabrina told BuzzFeed.

The couple, who make up the band TeraBrite, are full-time vloggers, and Sabrina is gearing up to graduate from the University of Central Florida.

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"We knew it would get some attention, but we definitely didn't expect it to go as viral as it did," Sabrina told BuzzFeed.

In the words of DJ: "Whoaaaaaaaaaa."