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14 Confusing Moments Of Relief For Everyone Who Loves Popping Pimples

An awesomely gross look at internet popping and extraction videos, mostly from r/popping, that will give you all the relief with none of the gross aftermath. Don't try these at home! Also, probably NSFW.

1. Is popping a pimple the best part of your day?

2. Does this make you incredibly anxious (to squeeze)?

3. Does watching this feel as soothing to you as a hot shower?

Then you're in the right place.

4. First up in the cesspool that is internet popping videos: blackheads.

5. Let the soothing voice of Dr. Vikram Yadav lead you through a few minutes of gratifying blackhead extractions.

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6. Nothing like getting out a few ingrown hairs. Bonus points for the single squeeze.

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7. We're moving into the big leagues with this 25-year-old blackhead the size of a dime.

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Don't turn back now! We're just getting to the good stuff.

8. Brace yourself. It's time for the cysts: Gary's classic clip is a great initiation, and will make you say "aaahhhh" in more ways than one.

9. This 20-year-old sebaceous cyst was named George by its owner. Revel in Operation Kill George.

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10. There's something especially cathartic about these perfect rivulets.

11. And now for something a little different. I won't ruin the surprise for you on what's living in this dude's ear, but it's fucking insane when they get it out.

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12. This poor guy also has a creature inside him that turns out to be a hell of a lot bigger than it looks. The reveal (and subsequent relief) is worth the wait.

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Not for the faint of heart.

13. Botflies are apparently devils that hatch eggs under your skin, but watching them get dragged out is pretty much unmatched in overwhelming relief.

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14. And now the Super Bowl of extraction videos, only for those with extra-strong stomachs: a botfly maggot removed from the top of someone's head.

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Doesn't that feel better?

Note: Again, don't try these at home! Most of these procedures, though fun to watch, are pretty unsanitary. If you have a cyst that's causing you pain, visit a doctor ASAP. Popping it yourself can cause it to become infected, or drain improperly, making it even worse. No judgment on what you do with your whiteheads, though.