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    One Woman Reveals Her Secrets For Making Your Boobs Look Way Bigger

    A little push-up magic (and bronzer) goes a long way.

    Hey small-breasted ladies: Meet your new savior.

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    Stacey Brennan, our guardian boob angel, is here to tell us her tricky secrets to making your ladies pop.

    First, put on a push-up bra. Take two flat tube socks and stuff em way down in there.

    Like so:

    Your secret is safe with us.

    Next, Brennan recommends getting some bronzer.

    Brush it on around your cleavage in a Y-shape and blend.

    Then put some luminizing powder on the tops of your breasts, and above the bronzer.


    "I hope that this could help anyone out who wants to give themselves a really large, fake, and in-charge chest."

    Now go get it, girl!

    h/t Uproxx