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    Old Spice Played An Awesomely Bizarre Game With Their Twitter Followers

    How many fingers are you holding up?

    Recently, the Old Spice Twitter account decided to play a game with their followers. It started out pretty normal, with the account posing a simple question...

    How many fingers am I holding up?

    As answers started to pour in, the account began crafting pretty impressive responses in real-time.

    .@Origamigryphon You're right!

    Thanks to some creative tweeters, and a social media person who's awesome at Photoshop, it quickly got really weird.

    I mean, really weird.

    And impressively creative.

    Also kinda gross.

    .@fcroftcaderao You're right!

    And a little bit creepy.

    @OldSpice zero. Just a very solid, hairy - knuckled fist.

    OK, more than a little bit.

    .@large_antelope You're right!

    And there were no wrong answers!


    @OldSpice fingers in fingers in fingers. ∞ #inception

    High five, Old Spice.

    @OldSpice I can't see under the @Pharrell hat

    .@MykoPhace @Pharrell You're right!